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\nWelcome\nto BidAlachua.com!

As Alachua County Tax Collector, I would like to welcome you to\nBidAlachua.com, the website for\nour annual tax certificate sale.\nBidAlachua.com is designed to make the sale process efficient and\ntransparent.


You can find more information about how to participate in our sale\nunder the Frequently Asked Questions and Auction Schedule.\nWe also encourage you to take advantage of the research tools available\non BidAlachua.com, where users can search the list of auction items,\ncreate custom reports and view tax and property details.


The tax certificate sale is a critical part of our tax collection\nprocess, allowing us to collect delinquent property taxes and provide\nthe necessary operating funds for our schools, law enforcement agencies\nand many other local services.

\n\nWe thank you for your interest in our tax certificate sale, and we\nwelcome your participation. If you have any questions, please let us\nknow.\n


\n\nJohn Power
\n\nAlachua County Tax Collector